WA Men's WA Men's Gathering

What to Expect

(at a Gathering)

Looking for some answers in your life? This is the place you can talk about what’s important to you – relationships, partners, your children, your hopes and aspirations, things that bother you deep down or give you joy. No judgment or lectures about how you should be, this, the Gathering is not a religious organisation. At the Gathering we learn from sharing our experiences and our own life’s journey.

Why you should be there

Let’s face it – you owe it to yourself! You deserve a break. We have a wonderful bush setting, and it’s a chance to get away, relax and surround yourself with good men – young and old alike and good quality food.

Workshops, activities and themes

The Program aims to produce visionary, balanced, sensual, connected, healthy, adventurous, natural, courageous and whole men who will be better men for a better world.

What you get

The registration price is inclusive of everything for the weekend including accommodation, terrific meals, and all workshops and activities. There will be fun, laughter and creativity. You will find time to nurture yourself, your health, and make connections with some great blokes and share your stories.

Personal promotional material

A display table will be available for men wishing to display material relating to men’s health and well-being. All material must first be presented to the WAMG Committee for approval prior to display. You can email the WAMG committee or the secretary.


Sleeping arrangements are in bunk-houses, with swag and camping options also available. More details to be announced.

What to bring

  • Your Favourite pillow, bed linen/sleeping bag/doona
  • Warm and loose comfortable clothing
  • Personal toiletries, insect repellent and suntan lotion
  • Personal medications
  • Favourite hat and suntan lotion
  • Towel
  • Folding chair
  • Cushion, rug or yoga mat to sit on
  • Bathers, frisbee, footy, etc.
  • Musical instruments (there will be ample opportunities for you to learn/jam/play/enjoy)
  • A torch

Please DO NOT bring

  • Don't bring any recreational drugs, alcohol or pets.

Special requirements

If you have particular dietary or other requirements, please contact the registrar by email.

Men's Resilience - In Changing Times

Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November 2023 - Camp Kelly, Dwellingup, WA